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Apeiros Servo Gripper Kit
Apeiros Servo Gripper Kit

Apeiros Servo Gripper Kit

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The Apeiros Servo Gripper Kit comes with everything needed to install a fully functioning servo gripper on Apeiros Robot. This custom-designed gripper mechanism utilizes compliant gripper fingers in order to reduce stress on the actuating HS-81 servo during an overdrive event. This requires some minor mechanical assembly.

Follow our servo gripper installation guide to install and setup your Apeiros Servo Gripper Kit.

Included with this Kit

  • (1) Hitec HS-81 Hobby Servo (plastic internal gears)
  • (1) Pair of laser cut gripper gears
  • (2) Compression springs, 1.0" Length
  • (2) Black rubber caps
  • (1) Truss Head Phillips Machine Screw, 10-24 Thread, 5/8" Length
  • (2)  Nylon-Insert Thin Hex Locknut, Zinc-Plated, 10-24 Thread Size
  • (2) Truss Head Screw Phillips, Number 0 Size, 1/4" Length
  • (2) Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw, 2-56 Thread, 5/8" Length
  • (2) Nylon Locknut 2-56 Thread Size
  • (2) Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw 2-56 Thread, 3/16" Length
Note: You can replace the HS-81 Servo's internal plastic gears with metal gears for a more robust gripper actuator. Or you can replace the plastic gears in the event that they become damaged or worn out.