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Lesson 8

Lesson 8: Install an Additional Infrared Sensor

In this lesson you will learn how to install an additional infrared sensor in the front center location, JP7. Apeiros supports up to a total of (5) infrared sensors that can be used to detect objects.

 Sensor Location PCBA Location
Front Left IR (FLIR) JP6
Front Center IR (FCIR) JP7
Front Right IR (FRIR) JP8
Rear Right IR (RRIR) JP9
Rear Left IR (RLIR) JP10


Before starting this lesson be sure to follow the Initial Setup & Configuration. Also, we strongly recommend that you take some time to read "Getting Started with Arduino and Genuino products". This lesson assumes that you have already purchased a suitable infrared sensor: unassembled or assembled version. If you choose the unassembled IR sensor, then you will need to solder a through-hole connector. You will also need to have access to a pair of side cutters or a rotary cutoff tool, so that you can trim the end of the printed circuit board (PCB) on your new infrared sensor. If you choose the assembled version, then you do not need to solder or trim the sensor PCB.

NOTE: Be sure to remove the (4) AA batteries from Apeiros prior to starting this lesson.

Remove Apeiros PCBA from Robot Body

In order to gain access to the infrared sensor connectors we need to remove the Apeiros Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) from the plastic body. From the image below you will see which (4) #3-24 screws need to be removed. You also need to unplug the left and right motor connectors from JP2 & JP3.

After removing the (4) #3-24 screws and unplugging the left and right motor connectors, your robot should appear as shown below. You will need to feed each left and right motor connector through its respective hole within the Apeiros PCBA. Then proceed to gently remove the PCBA from the plastic body. If your Apeiros is equipped with a servo gripper, then you will also need to unplug the 3-position servo connector from JP5.

After removing the Apeiros PCBA, place it upside down on a secure Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) safe surface. From the image shown below, we can see that Apeiros provides a total of (5) 1x3 female headers that can be used to connect infrared sensors.

Solder 1x3 Right Angle Male Header & Trim IR Sensor PCB

 Prepare to solder the 1x3 male right-angle header to the infrared sensor PCB.

Examine the back side of the infrared sensor and you will notice that the signal names are printed on the silkscreen. Signal names are as follows: OUT, VIN & GND.

Now we are ready to solder the 1x3 right angle male header to the infrared sensor as shown below.

In order to provide clearance between the infrared sensor PCB and the plastic Apeiros body we must trim the end of the sensor PCB as shown below. You will need to remove approximately 5/32 (.156) of an inch. You can use a pair of side cutters or a rotary cutting wheel tool such as a Dremel. If you are uncomfortable making this modification, then we suggest purchasing the fully assembled version of the Apeiros Infrared sensor.

Install Assembled Infrared Sensor

Apeiros comes with (2) infrared sensors installed in the front left (JP6) and front right (JP8) locations as shown below.

In this example, we will install an additional infrared sensor in the front center location (JP7). Make sure that the infrared sensor pin names correctly match the Apeiros PCBA connections as shown in the table below.

 IR Sensor Signal
Apeiros PCBA

 Install the infrared sensor in the Front Center IR (FCIR) location as shown below. Gently push the IR sensor pins into the mating 1x3 female connector.

Install Apeiros PCBA onto Robot Body

With the additional infrared sensor installed, we are ready to install the Apeiros PCBA back onto the plastic robot body. Be sure to feed the left and right motor wires back through the holes on either side of the AA-battery holder. Also, remember to thread the (4) #3-24 screws through the PCB holes and do NOT over tighten in order to avoid stripping the mounting holes in the plastic body!